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Do You Even Know Where You‘re Going? Be Intentional & Have a Plan.

How does one know what success is without defining it? Do you have a blueprint or playbook based on business objectives or are you just "winging it"? Jason Harris with Digital Dealer Solutions and StrategyMob shares his experiences in what it takes to achieve success. Jason has been proactive in his and others' success whether as a Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, General Manager, or Dealer Principal.

He shares how to be intentional, have a game plan, and focus on outcomes over activity. Take advantage of his real-world insights and solutions.


Are You Focusing on the Right Things to Grow & Win? (How Desired Business Outcomes Affect Marketing Measures, Metrics, & KPIs)

So, what does it take to "win" in business? To answer that question, one must clearly define what "winning" looks like. Do you have specific business outcomes established to measure success or failure? In this episode, Laura Patterson, President at VisionEdge Marketing, offers experienced insight to help answer these questions and help business leaders understand how to employ their marketing teams and agencies to deliver to improve business outcomes, not increase marketing outputs. This is a great follow-up to our most recent episode with Stacey Ackerman and the discussion around Agile Marketing. Be ready to take notes.

5 of the Spookiest Things I‘ve Seen in Marketing during 2021

Just coming off of Halloween, we have Stacey Ackerman, Founder and Trainer with Agilify Coaching & Training to talk about some scary things she's seen in marketing departments this year. She talks about the problems and provides solutions to help make marketing more effective and accountable. Things like focusing on business outcomes instead of marketing outputs, collaboration vs. siloing, and customer-centricity over company-centricity are just 3 of the 5 scary things companies do to their detriment. Listen and learn how to implement the processes that, in the vein of Halloween, provide sweet, yummy, bottom-line goodness.

Don‘t be Misled, Building a Culture of Positivity is Not Rainbows and Unicorns

No, building a culture of positivity is not all about rainbows and unicorns. It's not about just "being nice." According to Gartner, only 30% of customer experience leaders say most of their company’s CX initiatives have produced the intended results. Really? Only 30%? Why? In this episode, Sabrina Erskine, Digital Sales & Service Director at Advantage Auto Group and Auto Genius Member, shares how developing and living a Culture of Positivity is the key to higher employee productivity and lifelong customers. It's not about rainbows and unicorns. It's all about dollars and sense.

How To Ensure You’ve Maximized Your Conference Agenda (And ROI) - Dealers and Vendors Alike

When it comes down to it conferences are truly all about the ROI. Whether we look at this from
the Dealer perspective and how much could cost the dealership to take someone off the sales
floor for two or three days or through the lens of the Vendor and how much it would cost to send
staff including (and not limited to) accommodations and client entertainment.

There is a lot of possibly wasted time and lost revenue at stake. In this episode, Hannah Lifson with Friendemic covers the
biggest do’s and don'ts at a conference to ensure you maximized your conference agenda (and

Main Takeaways:

  • How To Plan 30 Days In Advance
  • I’m At The Conference Now What?
  • Post Conference Follow Up

Your Comfort Zone is a Nice Place, but You Don‘t Grow Your Dealership Business There

Let's face it, your comfort zone is a nice place to be. It's familiar, safe, and doesn't require a lot of courage. But that is no place to be if you want to grow, especially grow a business. Kristina Shrider, CMO, Neuormarketer, and radio host (much more so check out her LinkedIn profile and website talks about the mindset one needs to leap out of one's comfort zone to become a leader that is growing people and growing business.

She also reminds us that it's ok not to "know it all." Humbling oneself and admitting a lack of knowledge in certain areas is a great first step out of that comfort zone. It helps people become better leaders and draws better engagement from our teams. Excellent, honest insight from Kristina.

Pursing the Path of Least Resistance (make it easy or reward the friction)

Customers want the path of least resistance. If it's not easy, they may just pass you by. In this episode, Eric Brown, CEO/Co-Founder of inSearchX talks about how dealerships can make things easier and more personalized from the very first interaction a prospect has with a dealership. He also shares how utilizing gaming components and rewards in your marketing programs can drive better engagement while cutting the costs of paid search. Win-win.

Building Teams, Trust, and Profits for Your Dealership

When you build trust with your teams, you have teams focused on delivering the best experience to the customer. That leads to both short-term and long-term profits for your dealership. Listen to Brian Kramer, GM at Germain Toyota of Naples, talk about how he works with his teams in sales, finance, and service to achieve success. 

How a Pandemic of POSITIVITY Can Drive Your Business to New Heights

Do you notice the little yellow pucks on LinkedIn profiles sharing the Pandemic of Positivity? Well, it's the brainchild of David Long, Executive General Manager at Hansel Auto Group. David and Heidi German, Human Resources Director at Hansel Auto Group talk with us today about how they are spreading this much-needed attitude of positivity across the Hansel Auto Group team and customers of the brand. They share how it is positively impacting the culture at Hansel and adding value to the brand. When they say, "Caring Drives Us," it's not just a slogan. It is a culture that is lived every day.

Digital Marketing and Digital Retailing: How They Differ and How They Can Work Together

In this episode of Culture of Value, Drew Delaware, CMO at Gubagoo, talks with us about digital marketing vs. digital retailing. We discuss how the two are not synonymous but can work together to provide a frictionless customer experience if implemented properly. 

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